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Feature Project: Waterton National Park

Rebuild of Civil Infrastructure

In 2022, the Southwest and Midwest Design & Construction team completed an important restoration project in Waterton National Park, Alberta, known as the Crandell Lake Campground Kenow Wildfire Rebuild.

One of our more unique construction projects, this endeavor was classified as a rebuild of civil infrastructure, with the project falling under a federal government contract with Parks Canada.

We’ve had the pleasure of working on a few parks-focused construction projects within the last few years, and the beauty of this location was no exception! Located at the junction of the beautiful Alberta prairies and the Rocky Mountains, Waterton Lakes National Park is a fabulous destination for year-round adventure and fun. From spa services in town to remote mountain hiking – there’s something for everyone at this beautiful national park!

Keep reading to learn more about this feature project and our approach!

Project Details

Sector: Federal Government
Location: Waterton National Park
Timeline: This project started in 2021 and was completed in 2022.

The project primarily involved civil infrastructure work, with a focus on underground services. At a glance, the project scope entailed the installation and renovation of septic fields, electrical systems, water infrastructure, and washrooms.

The project scope was later expanded to include additional work, which we were able to easily accommodate thanks to the adaptability and expertise of the SWMW team.

Project Considerations

The success of the Crandell Lake Campground Kenow Wildfire Rebuild project was contingent upon several key requirements, including:

Environmental Preservation

The project required an exceptionally high level of environmental protection during construction. This encompassed safeguarding a variety of ecological elements, such as a protected fish habitat in the creek, bird nesting areas, rare plant preservation, and vigilant detection and management of noxious weeds. The team also had to be sensitive to the area's archaeological significance as it served as winter hunting grounds for local Indigenous tribes.

Timeline & Weather Concerns

Numerous external factors added complexity to our project, including seasonal access restrictions, avalanche warnings, and delays due to weather conditions. Additionally, the project needed to align with bird nesting periods, which further underlined the need for meticulous planning and execution.

The aggressive work schedule had to fit within a one-year timeframe, which was substantially shortened by the harsh winter season, characterized by heavy snowpack that limited access to the site. As experienced general contractors, this is simply something we bake into the project scope and do our very best to mitigate during project progress.

Continuation of Positive Subtrade Relationships

Southwest and Midwest Design & Construction engaged a trusted team of experienced contractors who had a proven track record of delivering results. This collaboration was built on reliability, commitment, and a shared vision of project success.

Environmental Efforts

One of the standout features of the Crandell Lake Campground Kenow Wildfire Rebuild project was Southwest and Midwest Design & Construction's unwavering commitment to environmental preservation. This included:

  • Fish Habitat Preservation: We took measures to protect the creek's fish habitat and to ensure we did not disrupt their environment.

  • Bird Nesting Areas: Work schedules were meticulously planned to avoid disrupting bird nesting periods.

  • Noxious Weeds: Swift detection and management of noxious weeds were essential to prevent their spread.

  • Archaeological Sensitivity: The team respected the historical significance of the site as Indigenous winter hunting grounds, and ensured all activities were carried out with care.

Key Takeaways

This project serves as another successful showcase of the capabilities and commitment of the general contractors at the Southwest and Midwest Design & Construction team. We pride ourselves on our versatility in handling various construction challenges and adapting to unique constraints and in our dedication to environmental preservation in each of our construction projects.

Despite seasonal challenges and an aggressive timeline, the project was executed efficiently, which highlights the ability of the SWMW team to meet deadlines, even in rough weather conditions. The collaboration of a dedicated and experienced team of contractors was instrumental in the project's success – which only reinforces the value of strong partnerships in construction.

SWMW has an unwavering commitment to excellence and adaptability makes us a premier choice for complex construction projects in Alberta. The Crandell Lake Campground Kenow Wildfire Rebuild project exemplifies our expertise and dedication to delivering exceptional results in challenging environments.

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The Crandell Lake Campground Kenow Wildfire Rebuild in Waterton National Park demonstrates our unwavering commitment to excellence, sustainability, and teamwork! Despite the unique requirements and tight timeline, our dedicated team rose to the occasion and once again showed our determination to deliver outstanding results under any circumstance.

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