Initial planning phase to guide the construction process

What Are Pre-Construction Services?

Pre-construction services are just that - a detailed planning strategy that outlines project aspects such as budget, scope, design, materials, and schedule.

The idea is to cover as much ground and mitigate as much risk as possible to ensure that any delays and changing market conditions are dealt with swiftly.

Southwest and Midwest Design & Construction prioritizes pre-construction services for all projects. We collaborate with the design team to create the most cost-effective solution that also arms our clients with the knowledge to make smart business decisions during the planning phase of transitioning to their new facility.


Pre-Construction Steps

  • Initial client consultation and follow-up. A member of our construction team will initiate a meeting with the client. In this meeting, the client and the project manager will go over the client’s expectations and goals for the project.

    Definitive project details may or may not be covered, but generally this is an opportunity to explore the client’s intrinsic requirements for project success.

  • Initial project scope evaluation. This initial consultation, produces more details which will be used to shape out the project.

    This step is still conceptual rather than granular and involves an outline of the remainder of the pre-construction services as well as the construction itself (ie. defining the work that needs to be done to see the project through, project phases, equipment, materials, etc).

    It’s at this stage that project needs will be clearly outlined and agreed upon by all parties involved in the project. The client is encouraged to ask any and all questions about the planning and execution of the project, and the contractor will set the client’s expectations regarding project feasibility.

    Concept mockups of the building and materials will be produced, and, dependent on the delivery methodology of the project it’s within this stage that design consultants and other property experts can be included in the discussion.

  • Set/review maximum project cost and review a detailed budget. This phase of pre-construction requires clear communication as to the maximum budget for the project in question. This isn’t necessarily a detailed budget, but more of a spending cap.

    This information will set the thresholds for the budget (materials, subcontractor costs, site costs, etc) and also verify that the project can be completed within that financial range. If adjustments need to be made, suggestions as to strategically cut costs, so that the project can be completed within the desired range, will be provided that still provide value to the client.

    Subcontractor selections are confirmed and contracted at this point.

  • Set timeline for construction. Early on in the pre-construction planning phase, all parties should set and agree upon a project completion deadline.

    For many clients, this is a fluid date and can be adjusted as the project progresses, but it shouldn’t overly deviate from the desired date. A project timeline is also implemented, which outlines project milestones for each stage, which will be the responsibility of each relevant subcontractor.

  • Site visit and analysis. Early on, our design team and/or contractor team will visit the location of the proposed build to verify its suitability for construction as well as evaluate potential municipal concerns such as parking and traffic.

  • Obtain building permits and approvals. Before construction begins, the contractor and client both will obtain building permits and approvals. This ensures a swift transition into the construction phase and helps mitigate any delays.

  • Begin construction process using Design-Build approach.

Why Work with Southwest and Midwest Design & Construction?

With over 40 years of experience in construction, Southwest and Midwest Design & Construction are committed to quality work and customer satisfaction.

We offer planning-focused pre-construction services, design implementation, and quality assurance after project completion.

Want to learn more about our pre-construction services? Contact the team at Southwest and Midwest Design & Construction with our convenient online quote request tool. A member of our staff will be in touch to discuss finer details and next steps.