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At SWMW, our track record in government building construction speaks volumes about our expertise, dedication, and ability to deliver outstanding results. With years of experience in this specialized field, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner for government agencies and municipalities throughout Western Canada and the Northwest Territories.

We understand the unique challenges and regulatory requirements that come with government construction, and we excel in navigating these complexities!

Recent Government Building Construction Projects

DCC Ralston Sheds Project

Multiple New Builds

Completed in a span of just 5 months, this unique government construction project involved the construction of 33 barn-style sheds, measuring 8'x8' each, strategically tailored to cater to the housing needs of military personnel stationed at the local base in Ralston.

The project aimed to create a housing solution that would meet the residents personal storage needs.

Each shed was meticulously designed to be identical in size, which ensured a consistent look throughout the community. The only deviation in each design was the colour, as each colour was customized to suit the design of the existing home.

Inuvik Water Treatment Plant

New Build

From 2015 to 2017, our team was engaged to expand the Inuvik water treatment plant to provide fresh water for the community from the Mackenzie River year-round.

This project included a pre-engineered 5,000 sq ft addition to the existing building, a 600 sq ft pump house, and an upgrading to the existing 4,000 sq ft facility. The project scope also involved the construction of a new water treatment system, which included piping, pumps, controls, filtration systems, and a year-round water intake line from the water source.

During construction, we worked with the town of Inuvik and their consultants to ensure the water was being treated while construction was ongoing. To this day, the work we did on this water treatment plant helps to provide clean drinking water to the community of Inuvik.

Animal Control Facility in Medicine Hat

Existing Shop Transport and New Addition

Completed in late 2022, the Medicine Hat Animal Control Facility project involved relocating an existing wood framed building, 50 feet wide by 60 feet long, and creating a new 50 foot wide by 20 foot long addition, along with a new 1,014 sq/ft mezzanine.

The building now serves as a shelter for dogs, cats, and other small animals obtained by city bylaw. In addition to serving as a shelter, the building also features a medical room, a grooming room and a food preparation room. Due to the size and location of the building, our client hopes to collect and care for animals from the surrounding communities.

Our project team held a series of meetings with the City of Medicine Hat’s facility management team early in our planning process to help establish the initial design, budget and scope.

This early collaboration set the stage for our team working closely with the City of Medicine Hat’s Project Manager to ensure the project was completed successfully and in accordance with the predetermined criteria of time, budget and scope.

SWMW and Government Building Construction

At SWMW, we place a huge emphasis on effective collaboration and teamwork, and we have long standing expertise as government building contractors.

We don't simply provide design-build solutions; we establish strong partnerships with project owners, municipalities, and all stakeholders involved to fully comprehend project objectives and transform them into reality.

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