Construction Management

Guiding project owners through the build process

Construction Management

With over 40 years of experience in construction, the team at Southwest and Midwest Design & Construction remain committed to quality work, customer satisfaction, and offer a wide variety of services to project owners in Alberta.

While this list is by no means exhaustive, here is an overview of some of the tasks we take on as a part of our Construction Management services at Southwest and Midwest Design & Construction:

  • Hiring and management of subcontractors
  • Day-to-day project management
  • Quality assurance
  • Ordering materials, equipment, and tools
  • Organizing work schedules
  • Preparing proposals and estimates

Construction Management

Construction Management teams will often have a combination of education and expertise to bring to the table and often specialize in most or all aspects of a construction project to maximize efficiency.

Not only can we assist project owners in procuring permits, materials, developing drawings, and equipment - our goal is to optimize the project while keeping costs reasonable. This includes finding ways to implement upgrades, improvements, and other features that may not have been feasible with a different team.

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Construction Management services at Southwest and Midwest Design & Construction:

What Is Construction Management?

Construction Management typically focuses on more granular aspects of any given construction project.

Construction Managers may be either a person or an organization and are usually responsible for tasks such as subcontractor management, procurement, scheduling, accounting, day-to-day operations, and developing proposals.

Instead of bidding for the role as a General Contractor might, a Construction Management individual or firm joins the project upon request (usually by the owner) and may take a percentage of the project cost or propose a fixed amount as compensation.

Construction Management

Construction Managers will have a hand in all aspects of the project, from pre-construction to project completion. During the initial project phases, a Construction Manager may oversee the hiring of general contractors and subcontractors.

What’s the difference between Construction Management vs. Project Management?

Construction Management can occasionally be confused with Project Management, although the two roles may occasionally have overlapping duties. Some firms will even have one person performing both roles. It depends on the scope of work and firm size.

Construction Management oversees more detailed aspects of construction projects, such as determining what the project requires in terms of equipment, staff, or materials.

Project Management, while similar, is a more holistic role that oversees major project tasks such as land procurement, site selection, and hiring of the core team (including, in some cases, the Construction Manager). Generally, a Project Manager will ensure that the project moves along as expected by providing tools and support wherever needed.

Project Managers also act as a liaison between the project owner and the rest of the core team and ensure the owner stays abreast of project progress and any delays, if applicable.

How Do General Contracting and Construction Management Differ?

A few fundamental differences between General Contractors and Construction Management are how remuneration is structured and the timing of the hire.

General Contractors will usually be hired, or be able to bid on the project, once the design component is complete. A Construction Manager will usually join the project in its infancy before designs are finished.

What Are The Benefits Of Construction Management?

The Construction Manager typically joins a project very early on, they may be able to provide more accurate estimates for materials, tools, equipment, and other features. There is also less chance of major design adjustments as the project phases progress.

When it comes to hiring a General Contractor or a Construction Manager, it all depends on the size and scope of the project. Larger, high-value projects may see more of a benefit to hiring a Construction Manager due to their high level of expertise in all aspects of project development. Not only this, but for long-term projects, some project owners find it helps to have both owner and construction team on the ‘same side of the table’.

Construction Management

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