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At Southwest and Midwest Design & Construction (SWMW), we’re proud to have over 40 years of experience within the construction industry. We’re among the leading medical office construction building contractors, with locations in Calgary, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Grande Prairie, and Inuvik, NT.

We recognize that a well-designed and functional healthcare facility is essential for delivering exceptional patient experiences, promoting staff efficiency, and maintaining high standards of care – and we’re proud to bring our construction expertise to this space.

From understanding the unique needs of healthcare facilities to ensuring regulatory compliance, we’re dedicated to building cutting-edge healthcare environments. With our experience in dental office construction to multi-practice health clinic construction and everything in between – the SWMW team has you covered!

Let’s discuss our approach to healthcare facility construction, the unique requirements each facility has, highlight a few recent projects, and discuss the benefits of working with our team!

The Unique Requirements of Medical Office Construction

Embarking on a medical facility build project requires experience, knowledge of industry standards and regulations, and a keen understanding of how a medical facility needs to operate in order to be successful. From waiting areas to procedure rooms to staff areas – it all needs to come together in a way that makes sense for staff and patients alike.

Not every contractor has this expertise under their belt – project owners and managers need a team they can fully rely upon to understand and execute these unique requirements.

SWMW’s Experience In The Construction Industry

With a company history that spans over four decades, the Southwest and Midwest Design & Construction team have established themselves as leaders in the construction industry throughout Alberta and in Inuvik, NT. We’ve got a wealth of experience with commercial buildings, residential complexes, industrial facilities, and so much more.

This diverse background allows us to bring expert knowledge and expertise to dental office construction and medical facility construction. We recognize that healthcare environments need to find that middle ground between aesthetics and functionality – and we pride ourselves on delivering solutions that meet these requirements.

Recently, we’ve had the privilege of working on numerous healthcare facility projects, ranging from dental clinic construction to multidisciplinary health clinics.

Recent Medical Office Construction Projects

Horizon Family Dental Clinic


Our team acquired this project very early on as a consultant, so we naturally progressed into the design-build portion of the new build!

Horizon Family Dental is a locally designed conventional wood-frame building with two units. The dental office is one unit, and the other unit is meant for commercial rental use.

The main floor of the dental office features nine spacious dental operatories, consulting and professional office space, and a children’s area.

The full basement includes a staff kitchen and breakroom, a fully equipped gym complete with locker rooms, and even a professional golf simulator! The interior design encourages an environment of professionalism and sophistication, while the exterior aesthetic ensures that the building will remain a welcome landmark in the community for years to come.

Multidisciplinary Health Clinic


This unique health centre is a bit of a disruptor in the healthcare industry! The facility focuses on a unified, patient-centric care approach under a team of experienced and diverse medical professionals.

This design-build medical renovation project showcases our unique ability to completely transform a tired, decades-old building into a modern, state-of-the-art, private healthcare facility.

The existing 5,500 sq. ft. concrete structure was incorporated into the new architecturally designed, 17,500 sq. ft., multi-story masterpiece. From planning to completion, this three-year project required a high level of cooperation and collaboration with ownership, governing authorities and the design consultants which formed an entirely holistic project team!

Want to see other projects that we’ve worked on? Check out the Feature Projects section on our website!

What You Get When You Choose SWMW For Your Next Healthcare Facility Project!

At SWMW, we have a strong foundation built on over 40 years of experience, and we take pride in our commitment to customer satisfaction and high-quality workmanship. When you choose to work with us, you can expect seamless project management, effective communication, and a project that is completed within budget and on time!

Our team of skilled professionals have specialized expertise in healthcare facility construction and renovation – our clients enjoy access to knowledgeable architects, engineers, contractors, and designers ready to make their project a reality.

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