Creating places for prayer

Religious Construction with Southwest and Midwest Design & Construction

The team at SWMW specialize in religious building construction, bringing expertise from school and fire hall projects to the institutional sector, including comprehensive church renovations and new construction.

Our professional team understands that all church projects begin with a vision of engaging their local communities with faith-based messaging and events – and we’re very happy to bring these goals to life!

We also understand that many church communities self-fund or otherwise have limited budget for renovations or new construction. At SWMW, we take pride in our ability to plan ahead and ensure that not only can we ensure that your project stays within budget – but that we avoid any costly surprises during project progress.

Church Construction Project Highlights

Amazing Grace Church

Interior Renovation

The Amazing Grace Community Church Interior Renovation project encompassed a comprehensive interior renovation of the church’s existing space.

The project spanned several areas of the church structure: 6,250 sq.ft. on the main floor, a 990 sq.ft. mezzanine, and a 4,750 sq.ft. basement. The primary objective was to modernize and optimize the facility to be able to meet the needs of the community in a meaningful way.

The revitalized floor plan now features a welcoming reception area, functional office spaces, a nursery, three well-appointed classrooms, a contemporary kitchen and café, a storage room, and an open assembly area with an elevated stage.

Notably, existing structural components within the unit were seamlessly integrated into the design to enhance efficiency and maximize usable floor space.

The SWMW Difference

At SWMW, we pride ourselves on a unique commitment to turning your vision into a reality through effective communication and collaboration.

We don't just provide a design-build solution; we establish longstanding partnerships with all project owners and stakeholders involved – as we’ve done for over 40 years. Our innovative expertise extends beyond the aesthetic; we create captivating, functional designs tailored to the needs of our clients.

Whether it's crafting blueprints based on your project goals, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology, or overcoming environmental challenges, the SWMW team consistently exceeds expectations.

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