Vegetable Storage Buildings

Building commodities, grain and vegetable storage structures

Potato, Grain, and Vegetable Storage

The team at Southwest and Midwest have over 40 years of experience in custom design-builds and construction, and we have regional offices in Lethbridge, Grande Prairie, Calgary, and Medicine Hat.

We are proudly Albertan, and have cultivated a strong team that takes incredible pride in the work they do. Our focus remains steadfast on our core values, exemplary customer service, and developing strong community relationships from as far as Inuvik to as close by as Edmonton.

One of our major focus areas is the booming agricultural, ranching, and farming sector in the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan. We offer a full spectrum of services for those in the agricultural market, from construction management to building renovations and repair.

Our strong relationship with the agricultural community in the western provinces means that we’ve accumulated decades of experience with the design and build of commodity storage buildings, farm equipment and shop buildings, hay and dairy barns, riding arenas, and much more.

Potato, Grain, Vegetable Storage Buildings

Proper commodity storage is critical to farm and agricultural operations. Cold storage structures like quonsets or steel buildings keep pests and the elements away from your potatoes, grains, or other agricultural commodities.

Grain, potato, and other crop-based commodities also require rigorous temperature control, which makes specialized construction and innovative design solutions from an experienced provider even more important!

Quonsets and Rigid Frame Buildings

Quonsets are ideal for this purpose, their arched design and steel construction ensures a sturdy structure that can withstand extreme weather events, wind, snowfall, and bitter cold - something we know that our prairies have in abundance.

Rigid frame buildings function much the same in terms of materials for keeping commodities dry and insulated from the elements, but without the notable arched structure of a quonset.

Additionally, both structures can be customized to add more insulation, external fan houses or specialized ventilation for temperature and humidity control, and individually controlled, self-contained storage bins.

It’s worthy to note that quonsets, wood frame, and rigid frame structures can serve multiple purposes and functions. It’s not uncommon for owners to use them to store commodities like grains and potatoes as well as for farm and equipment storage.

Our team applies our knowledge and experience of the agricultural sector to each project. We evaluate the needs of your property and conceptualize innovative designs based on our assessment and construct efficient, modern buildings that will stand the test of time - and the elements! You can rest assured that Southwest and Midwest Design & Construction has what you need for a full agricultural turnkey solution.

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