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What Are The Project Management Steps?

The success of your construction project depends on your project manager. They are responsible for planning the project, coordinating materials and resources required, along with managing labour - all while keeping the project on schedule and on budget.

5 Key Elements To Success In Project Management

Project managers are responsible for overseeing almost every aspect of the construction process. Therefore, it is important to know that they are setting themselves up for success. There are 5 key elements of success that every project manager must adopt in order to ensure the success of their construction project.

Everything You Need To Know About Hiring A General Contractor

General contractors are specifically trained in managing worksites, subcontractors, tradespeople, budgets, and deadlines - making them a critical asset in the execution of your next construction project.

Not convinced you need a general contractor for your next project? Here is everything you need to know about hiring a general contractor.

Why is Project Management So Important In Construction?

The project manager on a construction project is critical to the project’s success. What makes project management so important in construction?

Project managers in construction perform a professional service that requires an inventory of specialized skills and techniques to effectively oversee and make effective decisions throughout the entirety of the project.

General Contractor vs. Design-Build Contractor

So you’ve decided to build a new commercial space and now need to get the project from concept to construction.

Traditionally, you would hire a general contractor to execute your project. In today’s modern world, however, you have the option of hiring a design-build contractor instead. Both options have their benefits and challenges - figuring out which works best for you depends on what services you need for your project. 

The Benefits of Having a Project Manager

You’ve got the project, you’ve got the vision, and you’ve got the enthusiasm for your latest construction project. You may think you are ready to go, but do you have a reliable project manager? 

You may think that having a project manager may be an additional cost, but here are 5 benefits of having a project manager that will ultimately save you money.