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Feature Project: Piikani Fire Hall

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Welcome back to another Feature Project! The SWMW Feature Project portfolio is a great opportunity for our team to showcase the work that we’ve done for our valued clients to date.

For this month’s piece, we’ll focus on our ongoing project for the Piikani Fire Hall in Brocket, Alberta.

This project is a great example of not only how important customer service is, but how we’re able to be flexible with our timelines to account for real life setbacks, like cold weather concerns and supply chain shortages.

In the following sections, we will discuss the project details, challenges, and solutions that our team encountered during the construction process.

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Project Details

Sector: Commercial
Location: Brocket, Alberta
Timeline: Project began in June 2022 and is scheduled for final completion in May 2023.

As the first fire hall facility in the community, the Piikani Fire Hall will be an 8000 sq. ft. pre-engineered insulated metal panel building that can effectively serve the community's needs, and that also has enough space to accommodate future expansion if need be.

The building's unique security requirements were also taken into consideration, with the use of specialty door hardware and key card access.

Overcoming Challenges

The construction of the Piikani Fire Hall was not without its challenges. Although the project was initially set to begin in 2021, cold weather concerns forced the project to be pushed back to avoid extra costs. Construction eventually began in June 2022 and was originally expected to be completed by the fall of the same year.

As well as delaying the project onset, cold weather also delayed work during project progress. Additionally, supply chain issues presented significant challenges for the project. Despite being prepared for supply chain disruptions, our team still had to face unexpected delays in the supply and delivery of steel building materials, which ultimately pushed back the construction schedule four months from the initial projected timeline.

While delays are never ideal, they can happen! Ultimately, it’s effective communication that eases the process. The SWMW team has maintained communication throughout, and we’ve built an excellent relationship with our client. It’s our top priority to ensure that the client remains informed and is ultimately happy with the resulting completed project.

Closing Remarks

When we reflect on this project, one key takeaway for us is the importance of maintaining excellent communication between all parties involved. As noted, the SWMW team ensured that the client remained informed throughout the construction process, which helped to foster a very positive relationship with the client even in the face of supply chain issues and cold weather concerns.

Another key takeaway is the need to be flexible and adaptable in the face of unexpected delays and challenges. Our ability to adjust timeline projections and work with the client to find solutions and communicate ultimately led to the successful completion of the project.

Through our commitment and perseverance, the SWMW team was able to overcome these challenges and successfully construct the Piikani Fire Hall to serve as the first official fire hall in the Brocket area!

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