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Feature Project: Axis 28 Apartment Building Construction

New Build

Southwest and Midwest Design & Construction recently completed a 5 storey wood frame apartment building in Lethbridge, Alberta, dubbed Axis 28.

This project was a major milestone for construction in Alberta, as it was one of the first wood buildings to be built in Southern Alberta over 4 stories, following the approval of such buildings under the Alberta Building Code.

The team at Southwest and Midwest Design & Construction was proud to be a part of this innovative project, which showcases the potential for wood construction in Alberta.

Project Details

Sector: Commercial
Location: Lethbridge, Alberta
Timeline: Original estimated timeline for each phase was 12 months. Due to some start delays, we completed phase one of the project within 9 months and phase two within 10 months.

The apartment building was marketed toward college students due to its proximity to Lethbridge College. With this in mind, it was important for the building to be built with high quality, durable finishes – while also being cost effective.

Southwest and Midwest Design & Construction worked closely with the design team to find alternate materials that could bring down the budget while still meeting the owner's aesthetic requirements.

Timeline Challenges and Solutions

One of the main challenges of this project was the tight timeline. The Axis 28 apartment building needed to be completed in time for the fall semester, so there was a degree of pressure to meet these deadlines.

Throughout the construction process, there were numerous setbacks that threatened to delay the project. However, Southwest and Midwest Design & Construction was able to work with the sub trades and suppliers to bring on additional workers and expedite material deliveries, ultimately achieving the owner's deadlines and completing the project in time for the start of the school year.

In order to streamline the construction process and meet the tight timeline, Southwest and Midwest Design & Construction took a proactive approach by pre-framing the walls in sections off site while the foundations were being poured.

This allowed the team to frame the building nearly twice as fast. Pre-framing is just one example of the innovative techniques that Southwest and Midwest Design & Construction uses to ensure the success of their projects.

Scope of Work

The scope of the work on the building included the incorporation of a number of special materials and features to enhance its functionality and safety.

One example of this is the installation of a sound suppressive mat over the plywood floors, followed by the pouring of a layer of gypcrete on top of the mat to provide an extra level of soundproofing for the tenants – particularly busy college students who may require a quieter living environment.

Additionally, due to the tall height of the building, it was necessary to install lightning rods on the roof and ground them with copper cabling beneath the foundation to protect against potential electrical hazards. These safety measures are essential in any building, but are especially crucial in a wood frame structure where the risk of fire is higher


For the subtrades, Southwest and Midwest Design & Construction primarily worked with trusted partners that the company enjoys a previous relationship with.

In a few cases, specialty trades were brought on, such as the crew that installed the sound suppressive mat and gypcrete topping. Working with reliable sub trades is crucial in ensuring the success of a project, and Southwest and Midwest Design & Construction has built strong relationships with a variety of sub trades in the Alberta construction industry.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the 5 storey wood framed apartment building in Lethbridge was a successful project for Southwest and Midwest Design & Construction.

The team was able to meet the owner's deadlines and complete the project on time, despite numerous setbacks and a tight timeline.

The use of proactive measures, such as pre-framing the walls off site, allowed the team to work efficiently and meet the owner's needs. This project is a proud testament to the capabilities of the Southwest and Midwest Design & Construction.

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