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Feature Project: Riverside Corner - CRUs and Starbucks

New Build

In this Feature Projects piece, we’re looking back on a commercial development project that our team completed in the Fall of 2021.

The project, commissioned by the City of Medicine Hat, was the construction of a drive-thru Starbucks with two adjoining commercial retail units, and a standalone commercial retail unit.

Now dubbed Riverside Corner, the finished Starbucks and three commercial spaces are nestled along the banks of the South Saskatchewan river on one of the busiest intersections in the city (511-4 Avenue NE) – a prime commercial opportunity for business owners in Medicine Hat.

This project was particularly special for us; it coincided with the Southwest and Midwest Design & Construction team’s 40 year anniversary! With this in mind, the project was a poignant reminder that even through uncertain times like the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are consistently able to pull together as a team, communicate effectively, and execute complex projects.

The Project

The project, as noted, is two buildings in total and features modern, attractive design, done by Ian Moxon Architect Inc. The drive-thru Starbucks and two commercial units are located in one building, and a larger standalone building sits closely to the right of the multi-unit building.

The multi-unit building is roughly 3,440 square feet, with the standalone building measuring in at 1,910 square feet. Both buildings feature a wood frame design with supplemental structural steel. Upon completion, both buildings were finished and ready for interior design.

The Starbucks opened in September 2021, with only the standalone commercial retail unit still available for lease.

Interestingly, many Starbucks stores have moved away from traditional in-store dining and feature drive-thrus only – although it depends on the location. The Riverside Corner location is, of course, very close to one of Medicine Hats busiest intersections, so it made sense to plan the building as drive-thru only, but we did also include an attractive outdoor patio area.

Project Timeline and Special Considerations

Official construction began near the end of 2020, and the Midwest team took great care to keep the lines of communication open with the owners, and the City of Medicine Hat, to ensure the project progressed according to their desired timeline.

This wasn’t without its challenges. The supply chain issues within the construction industry made securing materials difficult at times. Additionally, we had to ensure that additional safety measures were implemented for our crew, which occasionally presented logistical challenges. Yet, with good planning, we were able to overcome these challenges.

A Prime Commercial Opportunity

As noted, Riverside Corner presents a great commercial opportunity to business owners. The area is very close to other businesses, parks, the Medicine Hat Golf & Country Club, residential neighbourhoods, and schools.

Design of both buildings is attractive; we combined modernity and durability with sturdy exterior finishes like ACM panel, Hardie board, and attractive stone, stucco, and corrugated metal exterior finishes. Plus, both buildings have large, almost wall-to-wall windows – perfect for ample natural light.

It’s also worth noting that the area has been professionally landscaped, with additions of trees, shrubs, and flowers.

A SWMW Team Milestone

We feel especially proud to highlight the Riverside Corner project. Thanks to our excellent crew, we were able to successfully execute a large commercial project in one of the largest access points in Medicine Hat.

What’s more, we were able to do so while observing the 40th anniversary of Southwest and Midwest Design & Construction in the very city where we started – all the way back in 1980.

Our success as building contractors in Calgary, Grande Prairie, Medicine Hat, Lethbridge, and Inuvik is in no small part due to our excellent customers, employees, and trades and supplier partners. The relationships that we’ve had the honour of forging through these four decades are second to none, and drives how we operate on a daily basis.

For all of our projects, we’re full of gratitude to our clients for putting trust in us to see their vision through to completion. We look forward to many more years of serving our communities through our responsible building solutions.

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