Axis 28 Apartment Building

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Project Size100, 000 SqFt
LocationLethbridge, Alberta
Year of Work2018
Axis 28 Apartment Building is a five-story wood structure building with a total floor area of nearly 100,000 square feet. There is a total of 80 units which consist of 2, 3 and 4 bedroom suites. Each unit has a shared kitchen and living room area, and each floor has a shared laundry facility. There is an elevator and 4 stairwells for accessing the upper floors. Each unit has at least one patio which is used to access the furnace rooms and storage rooms. The entire building is equipped with card access door security, including each bedroom door. The smart door locks are connected wirelessly to the smart heating and cooling system, which has occupancy sensors that detect if there is no activity for a pre-set amount of time, the system automatically switches to economy mode to save on energy. The roof has a torch down SBS membrane and 4 foot high parapets. The exterior consists of a combination of acrylic stucco, easy trim and Hardie panels, custom profiled metal siding and aluminum composite panels. Phase 1 construction started in the late fall of 2018 and consists of the middle third of the building with 20 units. Schedule was critical for phase 1 as the target tenants are college students who would be looking to move in prior to the fall semester of 2019. Phase 1 was completed in late August just in time for students to move in. Phase 2 and 3 were started right away after phase 1 was complete. The schedule for phase 2 and 3 is going to be equally important to complete for the fall semester of 2020. Each phase is roughly the same floor area so there is double the work to do in only slightly more time than phase 1.
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