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Feature Project: Gas King Renovation

Complete Renovation

The SWMW team recently completed a full exterior/interior renovation of the Eastside Gas King, located in Lethbridge, Alberta.

Renovations in Lethbridge are currently on the uptick – and we are pleased to have the opportunity to help our commercial clients with upgrading their current spaces!

In this project, we were able to spearhead a transformative renovation that combined both interior and exterior elements. This 3,429 sq. ft. project, initiated in September 2022 and successfully completed in April 2023, showcases the skill and dedication of our team in handling complex renovations for operational businesses.

Project Details

Project Type: Renovation
Sector: Commercial
Location: Lethbridge, Alberta
Timeline: September 2022 to April 2023
Project Size: Total interior and exterior renovation, new millwork and finishes throughout the sales floor, and a new ACM panel and stone work on gas station exterior.

This comprehensive renovation project encompassed both the interior and exterior of the gas station. The convenience store underwent a complete overhaul with the installation of new millwork and finishes, and the exterior received a facelift with the addition of cutting-edge ACM panels and intricate stone work, which helped to enhance the aesthetic appeal and modernize the entire structure of this busy gas station!

Project Challenges and Solutions:

Operational Continuity

Maintaining the gas station's day-to-day operations posed a challenge – but a requirement from many of our clients that we have always been able to successfully find a solution for! To address this with this client, we collaborated closely with the owners to implement a temporary sales counter.

By cordoning off the construction area, we effectively controlled traffic, ensuring minimal disruption to the bustling gas station. The result was an injury-free construction phase with negligible impact on customers and staff.

Unexpected Structural Steel

Demolition uncovered unforeseen structural steel within the building, which required immediate attention.

Our swift response involved engaging our in-house structural engineer to develop a solution. This allowed us to safely remove the unexpected steel and reinforce the structure of the building – all without compromising the overall design intent of the renovation.

Challenges with Exterior Siding

The installation of new Hardie siding to the exterior was not without its hurdles, particularly due to some walls constructed with split-face masonry blocks, which resulted in a rough and uneven surface.

To remedy this issue, we opted for metal back-framing instead of the initially specified wood furring strips. This adjustment not only addressed the uneven surfaces but also contributed to a superior end result – seamlessly blending modern aesthetics with the existing structure.

Key Takeaways

This project had a few unexpected surprises, as is typically the case with most renovation projects, but the ultimate success of the Eastside Gas King renovation project is in major part due to effective collaboration between our team and our client!

The implementation of a temporary sales counter demonstrated our commitment to minimizing disruptions and ensuring the gas station's continuous operation. When we discovered hidden structural steel, it highlighted our team's adaptability and problem-solving capabilities. The prompt engagement of a structural engineer showcased our commitment to efficient solutions without compromising on safety or design integrity!

In conclusion, the Eastside Gas King project serves as a testament to our design-build construction company's expertise in managing complex renovations, ensuring operational continuity, and delivering exceptional results even in the face of unexpected challenges.

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