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Feature Project: Kainai Forage Hay Storage

New Build

We’re very proud to highlight a significant agricultural construction management project that was phased and spanned across 4 years, recently finishing up in September of 2023!

As general contractors in Lethbridge, one of our major focus areas is expanding our footprint, knowledge and experience on major agricultural projects – and building long standing relationships with producers, farmers, and agricultural stakeholders throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Project Details

Project Type: New Build
Sector: Agriculture – Hay Storage
Location: Blood Reserve near Stand Off, Alberta
Timeline: Fall 2019 – Fall 2023
Project Size: Construction of four pre-engineered rigid frame buildings, one 200’ x 300’ in size and three 325’ x 390’ in size (total of 440,250 sq.ft.)

Construction of four pre-engineered rigid frame buildings in multiple phases over a four year period.

The first 3 sheds (one 200' x 300' and two 325' x 390') were built and packaged under one contract and completed in early 2021.

All three sheds were constructed with an asphalt floor, which provides for a clean, dry base for the hay shed to rest on.

We bid on the fourth shed (325' x 390') in the Fall of 2022 and were awarded the contract, with construction beginning in the Spring of 2023. This shed is nearly identical to the first three, but has roller compacted concrete (RRC) flooring instead.

Subtrade Scope

While SWMW was responsible for supplying and erecting the steel building with our own forces, we also managed and coordinated a number of subtrades on site. Some civil and site work included in this construction management project consisted of stripping and clearing the site, stockpiling the existing topsoil, common excavation and ditch work, supplying and installing the gravel base course, and installing over 100 concrete piles up to 25' deep.

It’s important to us to maintain strong relationships and superior communication with our valued subtrade partners – working closely with them ensures that these large, detailed projects go smoothly without a hitch.

Project Challenges

Constructing such a large structure in the open plains of southern Alberta means that the strong winds in this area posed a significant challenge, but our previous experience working in these types of conditions aided us in overcoming this challenge.

We put precautions in place, such as ensuring extra crew members were on the job site to help keep things running smoothly and designing custom bracing to ensure the buildings were secure during even the most severe wind conditions.

Key Takeaways

These large hay storage facility structures specifically showcase the SWMW team’s ability to successfully complete large-scale, multi-phased projects, specifically in the agricultural construction sector.

We take great pride in our customer satisfaction, and we were pleased that our successful completion of the first shed project in 2021 resulted in the customer returning to us for multiple projects afterwards.

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We are very proud of our team’s collaborative efforts, repeatedly demonstrating our commitment to total client satisfaction by completing projects on time and on budget!

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