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Feature Project: Red Rock Dental

New Build

Welcome to Red Rock Dental, a modern, professional dental health clinic and retail space!

Completed in early 2023, the Red Rock project is another of our Medicine Hat construction projects, and consisted of base building commercial construction – completed in August of 2022 – and were immediately retained to complete the tenant improvements directly after.

During all phases of this project, we leveraged our efficient design-build/construction management approach. Our professional team maintained close collaboration with the owner as well as specialized equipment suppliers.

The outcome? A cutting-edge retail space at Red Rock Dental – a marriage of modern aesthetics with state-of-the-art equipment.

Project Details

Project Type: New Construction
Sector: Commercial
Location: Medicine Hat, Alberta
Timeline: Completed in January 2023
Project Size: 5,418 sq.ft.
Budget: $2 Million
Project Scope: Site work, base building construction, and tenant improvements

The Red Rock Dental ownership team enjoyed our seamless design build/construction management project delivery method – which essentially means that we’re there from project inception to completion, and handle all of the details. We worked very closely with the owner and their specialized equipment suppliers for a seamless construction experience.

Red Rock Dental is a very modern, professional retail space that features state of the art equipment. With a functional floor plan designed to maximize efficiency and optimize staff and patient experience – we wanted to ensure total versatility and room for future expansion.

As an additional pleasant bonus, dental chair locations are strategically placed to take advantage of the abundant natural light created by vast glazing along the entire South and East sides of the building. This only improves patient experience during an otherwise occasionally anxiety-inducing dentist visit!

How SWMW Approaches Challenges

As general contractors in Medicine Hat, we’ve established great relationships with our clients. That is, in no small part, due to our ability to view challenges as opportunities to show our expertise and deliver a great client experience!

There were a great deal of under slab rough-ins required for all of the drains, power, water, and other lines that ran to the chairs and other locations throughout the building. This required a high degree of planning, scheduling, and organization in the early construction phases.

Red Rock Dental’s Move-In Date

Red Rock Dental had a specific timeline to meet to ensure a seamless grand opening!

To ensure we met this goal, we had to rely on the equipment deliveries from the client’s specialized equipment suppliers – and time them with our own construction sequencing – not always easy!

However, having a well-organized, strategic work plan and schedule was instrumental in meeting these requirements. Our team fully realizes the importance of working with all major stakeholders to ensure a successful outcome for our client.

Our knowledge of certain long lead order items helped to ensure that we placed orders very early in the process so that delivery would not affect the schedule in any way.

Many of the owner’s specialized equipment suppliers were USA based, so we needed to coordinate with the suppliers to ensure that their delivery timeframes would not affect our construction timeline.

Connect With Southwest And Midwest Design & Construction

Despite facing these obstacles, this was another successful project. We are very proud of our team’s collaborative efforts, again ensuring total client satisfaction by completing the project on time and on budget!

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