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Feature Project: DCC Ralston Sheds Project

Multiple New Builds

Feature Projects is one of the blog segments from our team at Southwest and Midwest Design & Construction, experts in Alberta construction!

For this iteration of Feature Projects, we’ll focus on our project with Defense Construction Canada in Ralston, Alberta. Between unique design requirements and cold weather conditions, this project was a testament to our ability to get the job done according to our clients’ specifications no matter what.

Project Details

Sector: Institutional
Location: Ralston, Alberta
Timeline: This project started October 2020 and completed in February 2021.

Completed in a span of just 5 months, this more unique Alberta construction project involved the construction of 33 barn-style sheds, measuring 8'x8' each, strategically tailored to cater to the housing needs of military personnel stationed at the local base in Ralson.

Project Requirements

The project, a venture in the residential sector, aimed to create a housing solution that would meet the residents personal storage needs.

Each shed was meticulously designed to be identical in size, which ensured a consistent look across the personal military quarter community. The only deviation in each design was the colour, which was customized to suit the colour of the existing home.

Overcoming Winter Challenges

The time of year posed unique project considerations as the project was scheduled during the winter months when Alberta's weather can be particularly unforgiving. However, the SWMW team planned accordingly!

The sheds were fabricated in our indoor shop, which provided protection against the harsh winter elements. We created a modular building environment, complete with distinct production stages. Once completed, the sheds were transported to the yard before being delivered to their designated sites.

The snowy conditions added an extra layer of complexity. In some instances, our team had to navigate through piled-up snow, which we removed before installing the shed. We also had to excavate and lay down new subgrade base material with blocks for the placement of the sheds, all work that is more difficult during the colder season.

This hurdle showcased our team's adaptability and commitment to delivering top-notch results!

Collaborating With DCC

To us, project success hinges upon clear communication and collaboration. The SWMW team ensured a seamless partnership with the Defense Construction Canada team.

A series of meetings and close collaboration were maintained throughout the project. Part of this collaboration was communication with the residents themselves, giving them adequate notice of when we would be entering their personal space to complete the work, as well as working around everyday things such as pets, gate closures, vehicle parking etc. This dynamic ensured that the project was aligned with all specified requirements, ultimately leading to a successful outcome that met everyone's expectations.

No Subtrades

Another unique aspect of this project was the absence of external sub-trades. For this initiative, we leveraged our own skilled forces to execute the construction.

This approach not only showcased the company's capabilities but also streamlined the project's execution, which allowed for a cohesive and efficient workflow.

Key Takeaways

Despite the challenges posed by winter conditions and the need to balance individual customization with design consistency, the SWMW team successfully completed the project within the anticipated timeline.

This accomplishment stands as a testament to our expertise, and we are proud to have worked with DCC to ensure military personnel have adequate personal storage during their time working on the base as CFB Suffield.

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The DCC Ralston Sheds Project demonstrates our unwavering commitment to excellence and teamwork! Despite the cold weather challenges, our dedicated team rose to the occasion and once again showed our determination to deliver outstanding results under any circumstance.

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