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Feature Project: Multipractice Healthcare Facility

Renovation and New Addition

Welcome to another iteration of our SWMW Feature Projects! This project is another excellent example of how we help bring our client’s dreams into reality with a custom build solution – and it’s another excellent example of our continued foray and expansion into the world of medical office building construction.

In today’s feature project, we delve into a remarkable design-build medical renovation and new addition project that demonstrates our unique ability to completely transform an old, humdrum building into a modern, state-of-the-art, private healthcare facility.

The project involved incorporating an existing 5,500 sq. ft. concrete structure into a new architecturally designed, 17,500 sq. ft. multi-story masterpiece. Over a span of three years, this project required extensive cooperation and collaboration with ownership, governing authorities, and design consultants. Ultimately, we formed a totally holistic project team – and the reward was sweet.

Project Details

Sector: Healthcare
Location: Lethbridge, Alberta
Timeline: Project began in Winter 2019 and was completed in Spring of 2022.

The project involved a comprehensive design-build medical renovation and addition, aimed at transforming an outdated building into a modern, sleek, and functional private healthcare facility.

Our team leveraged the existing concrete structure as a foundation, seamlessly integrating it into the new architecturally designed, 17,500 sq. ft. multi-story structure. From planning to completion.

Unique Transformation and Modernization

The project's highlight was the complete transformation of the existing building into an attractive private healthcare facility. Our team's meticulous planning, innovative design solutions, and medical office building construction expertise ensured that the end result was a stunning architectural masterpiece that surpassed the expectations of both the client and the community it serves.

Cooperation and Collaboration

The success of this project relied on the high level of cooperation and collaboration among the project team, including ownership, governing authorities, and design consultants.

From the initial stages of planning to the final touches of completion, our team fostered an environment of open communication, ensuring that every stakeholder's input was valued and incorporated. This collaborative approach not only streamlined the decision-making process but also ensured the project's alignment with the client's vision.

Holistic Project Team

To achieve the project's ambitious goals, a holistic project team was formed from the above listed parties.

This multifaceted team worked in harmony, leveraging their expertise and perspectives to address every aspect of the project. By nurturing a culture of trust, mutual respect, and shared goals, the project team created an environment conducive to innovation and success.

It’s not uncommon for our team to form these holistic project groups during our construction projects. Builds of this scope require continued consultation with subject matter experts – and working together ensures that the end result fulfills scope, design, and budget requirements.

Turning Dreams into Reality

At the heart of our approach is the unwavering commitment to turn our clients' dreams into reality, regardless of complexity.

This project exemplifies our dedication to delivering exceptional results that exceed expectations. By leveraging our expertise, creativity, and technical prowess, we transformed a dated structure into a cutting-edge healthcare facility that sets new standards in the industry.

Key Takeaways

The design-build medical renovation project showcased our unique ability to breathe new life into a building that wasn’t serving its original purpose anymore – or fulfilling the needs of the community.

The successful transformation stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence, customer service, and expertise. Through meticulous planning, innovative design, and effective teamwork, we have set a new benchmark for healthcare facility renovations, solidifying our position as leaders in the medical office building construction industry.

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