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Project Profile: DeBolt Fire Hall

Fire Hall Addition

Located about 45 minutes east of Grande Prairie, the sleepy hamlet of DeBolt, Alberta, has a population of less than 150 as of 2021 - and only a gas station, a restaurant, and a small historical museum.

DeBolt falls under the jurisdiction of the Municipal District of Greenview - the largest municipal district in Alberta.

The DeBolt economy primarily relies on forestry, ranching, oil, gas, and general agriculture. DeBolt also enjoys a rich pioneering history, with many of the original residents hailing from the United States.

Building The DeBolt Fire Hall

Back in 2016, the Southwest and Midwest Design & Construction team built what’s now the DeBolt Fire Hall, with the Municipal Department of Greenview as the project owner.

The building measures 17,500 square feet and features a 12″ thermal roof system, 4″ steel foam wall panelling, in-floor heating, hose drying and training towers, and a STARS Air Ambulance helipad.

Through our network of building engineers, the SWMW team learned that as of 2022, the Municipal Department of Greenview was looking to add another bay to the fire hall. We put together a strong bid that drew upon the unique needs of the current project - and we were awarded the job.

This project is yet another example of the importance of a strong referral network engine - something we’ve proudly developed through decades of excellent service to our customers, and through building professional relationships with our suppliers and engineers.

Continue reading to learn more about the project, the award process, and the project status.

Project Scope

Where the fire hall is primarily meant to accommodate both volunteers and paid first responders, the Municipal District of Greenview wanted to add another drive-through bay to accommodate peace officers.

The project involved the unique challenge of not only matching concrete, but matching exterior colouring on a building that, while new, has still experienced significant exposure to harsh prairie winters and summers.

The Contract Award Process

While the Southwest and Midwest Design & Construction team may have completed the initial build, Alberta bylaws dictate that any project estimated at over $50,000 requires a public tender call and for all interested bidders to submit a formal bid. This bay addition was subject to these requirements.

While still a formal process, our previous success with the DeBolt Fire Hall, our relationship with our building supplier, and our low bid helped steer the award process in our favour.

It’s important to note that a low bid is never a guarantee of a project award. Owners will examine any previous relationship, the success of similar jobs, and general reputation.

The SWMW team has extensive experience building municipal fire halls over the last 5 to 10 years. We take care to keep the cost/value connection top of mind when taking on these municipal projects.

Another contributing factor to the award was our supplier relationship. We used the same supplier as the 2016 build, which meant they had the technical components to match the unique colouring of the fire hall.

Project Status

Currently, we’re in the early stages of this add-on project. Our team has successfully removed the concrete near the exit where the bay will live, and the area is fenced. The staff and volunteers at the fire hall can continue normal daily operations, same for the fenced off exit.

Estimated completion is around the end of November 2022.

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