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Horizon Family Dental Clinic

New Construction

The small quaint town of Taber, Alberta, is renowned for its sunny skies, prosperous agricultural industry, and its rich pioneering and coal mining history.

Through our network of previous clients, our team learned of a dental professional in the area looking for a new build for his practice. We started collaboration in December 2020, about halfway through the drawing phase.

This project gave our team yet another opportunity to showcase our strong project management and consulting skills and served as a reinforcement of the importance of a robust referral network.

Getting Started

The team at SWMW works with a broad range of professionals across many industries, from healthcare professionals to property management companies.

It's not uncommon for these professionals to run in the same circles, whether professionally or socially. This word of mouth, combined with our dedication to excellence in customer service, means that we’ve built a robust referral network.

This referral stream can mean anything from traditional renovations to existing offices or new builds.

This project came to us from a previous client in 2020. The previous client is also a dentist - we completed a new build for him in Coleville, Saskatchewan - nearly 5 hours away from Taber, Alberta via car.

As chance would have it, our previous client and this current client regularly summer together. Our current client saw the build we had done for our previous client, loved how it looked, and wanted to arrange a meeting with our team.

Southwest and Midwest Design Services

Our client had a strong sense of what he wanted; his vision was to open a professional, fully equipped dental office that emphasized work/life balance and health and wellness.

As the drawing phase had long been underway by the time we onboarded to the project, our task was to understand his thought process up until that point and distil what we learned into a completed design that aligned with his vision.

Once approved, we took the base building drawings and worked with the interior design team to flesh out the aesthetics of the building.

Project Scope

From a granular perspective, Horizon Family Dental is a locally designed conventional wood-frame building with two units. The dental office is one unit, and the other unit is meant for commercial rental use.

The main floor of the dental office features nine spacious dental operatories, consulting and professional office space, and a children’s area.

The full basement includes a staff kitchen and breakroom, a fully equipped gym complete with locker rooms, and a professional golf simulator.

The interior design promotes an environment of professionalism and sophistication, while the exterior aesthetic ensures that the building remains a welcome landmark in the community for years to come.

Our Project Management Process

Because our team acquired this project very early on as a consultant, we naturally progressed into the design-build portion of the new build - so no tendering was necessary for our team.

Our role as a consultant can be broken down into the following points:

  • Interview and pre-select design teams to ensure that the look and feel of the building are consistent throughout.
  • Work with the design team to complete drawings and ensure ergonomic building design.
  • Host and oversee invitational tenders for trades, vendors, and material suppliers. We would summarize the choices for the owner and seek input on the selection.
  • We created and implemented the construction schedule, oversaw its efficacy, and ensured construction was seen through to completion.
  • Complete wrap-up work. This includes work and material warranties, certificates, permits, and ensuring the client knows who to contact should any issues arise.

It’s worth noting that any sub-trades and material suppliers were selected based on their fit for the job, our past experience with them, and invited to bid on the job based on these merits. This job was not placed on an open tender call.

Project Status

Our team started collaborating on the design for the clinic in December of 2020. We began construction in June 2021, and it is scheduled for completion in June of 2022, so this project will have taken a year to build as of this writing.

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Our team is thrilled that we were able to bring our client’s vision for an ergonomic, wellness-oriented healthcare office to life, and credits our large referral network and dedication to customer satisfaction for another rewarding job.

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