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The Benefits of Having a Project Manager

You’ve got the project, you’ve got the vision, and you’ve got the enthusiasm for your latest construction project. You may think you are ready to go, but do you have a reliable project manager?

Project managers are essential to the successful and effective execution of your project. Their role is to oversee and allocate resources for various construction projects, and their wide range of responsibilities is what often makes projects, especially those that are complex or time and labour-intensive, successful.

You may think that having a project manager may be an additional cost, but here are 5 benefits of having a project manager that will ultimately save you money. 

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1. They’re Proactive

Project managers are masters of proactive and comprehensive planning. By breaking the project into stages, project managers can create accurate timelines and budgets for projects that also help them track the project’s overall progress. Project managers also have the resources and industry knowledge required to ensure that the proposed project complies with current building codes and other legal requirements. 

Having a reliable, experienced, and knowledgeable project manager makes projects of any size much easier and more efficient - meaning you’ll save time and money. 

2. Communication & Relationship Management

Communicating and managing staff is crucial to ensuring that the project is executed effectively and correctly. Project managers are often in charge of communicating tasks and expectations with employees and often delegate tasks to employees with the necessary skillsets. 

Consistent and effective communication means that everyone on the project is on the same page, and able to perform as needed to meet the project’s overall goals and objectives on time.

Project managers are experienced with communicating and managing relationships with external stakeholders as well, such as the client and outside vendors. The project manager is responsible for keeping the client updated on the progress of the project. Having someone in charge who is skilled at relationship management can make it easier to get the resources needed for a project and generate goodwill from the client. 

3. Time Management 

Project managers are also skilled at time management, meaning they’re more likely to be able to ensure that the project at hand is delivered or completed on time. Being proactive in planning out projects helps ensure the project is going according to schedule, but project managers are also experienced in maintaining, evaluating, and readjusting their timelines to account for aspects such as weather and human error. 

Oftentimes, consideration for such errors is built into plans during their development, meaning the project manager can still ensure that the project is being completed on time even in the event of delays. 

4. Resource Distribution

Perhaps one of the most critical benefits of working with a project manager is their ability to procure and allocate the appropriate resources needed for a project. Project managers ensure the procurement of all the necessary materials needed and make adjustments in the event of shortages. Additionally, because they are the ones making the construction plans, they are often the most familiar with all the materials, equipment, and labour necessary to complete the project. 

Putting someone inexperienced in charge of a task such as resource procurement and distribution can result in delays, which can hurt the project’s budget and waste other resources such as time and labour. 

5. Budget Management

Project managers plan the project to fall within an allocated budget, manage the financial planning of the project and consistently evaluate to ensure the project is within that budget. Project managers are also skilled at keeping track of spending and forecasting changes that have an impact on the budget. Skilled project managers will plan for unexpected costs that may come up during the construction process so that unexpected issues or delays don’t result in the project going over budget. 


Project managers play an essential role in any project. That’s why it is important to make sure you find the right one for the job. Southwest and Midwest Design & Construction offer project and construction management services necessary to ensure any project is completed in a time-efficient manner with measurable cost savings and of the utmost quality.

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