Manning Regional Fire Hall

The Manning Regional Fire Hall project included two individual and economically designed, pre-engineered steel building packages from Nucor Building Systems.

Building one is a two-story structure containing administrative offices as well as a kitchen whereas building two contains four drive-thru truck and apparatus bays and full mezzanine. The project also includes a strategically located 36-foot high hose drying tower.

The five-inch insulated panel roof and four-inch insulated walls from All Weather Insulated Panels (AWI) provide a highly efficient building envelope. The structural roof systems included are gable symmetrical rigid frames complete with tie-off anchors.

The entire facility was designed to be 80 feet by 120 feet for a total footprint of 9,600 square feet and was successfully completed in 2011.

Fire Hall
New Construction
Manning, AB
Nucor Building Systems