Inuvik Water Treatment Plant

Nappaq Design & Construction were engaged to expand the Inuvik water treatment plant in order to provide fresh water for the community from the Mackenzie River year-round.

This project included pre-engineered 5,000 sqft addition to the existing building, a 600 sqft pump house, as well as upgrading the existing 4,000 sqft facility. The project scope also included a new water treatment system including piping, pumps, controls, filtration systems and a year-round water intake line from the water source.

During construction, we worked with the town and their consultants to ensure the water was being treated while construction was ongoing. This project wrapped up in mid-2017 and is currently providing clean drinking water to the community of Inuvik.

Inuvik, NT
Retrofit and expansion
New Addition 5,600sf²
Retrofit 4000sf²