Safety first: more than a slogan

Southwest Design & Construction and Mid-West Design & Construction are committed to maintaining safe working environments for anyone involved with our projects. We care about our people, your people and the public. Management, project co-ordinators, supervisors and workers are required to ensure we meet all legal requirements and maintain the highest level of safety standards.

We act as the prime contractor for many sites. We have the added responsibility to ensure all site activities follow Occupational Health and Safety legislation. We provide first aid and the best effective means of transport for any situation in which medical treatment is required. We include emergency response plans, postings, signage, site orientations and disaster contingencies. We take pride in establishing and maintaining a system that works.

We employ a full-time NCSO (National Construction Safety Officer) to provide on-site supervision and consultation across the province. Continual research within the industry allows us to examine accident trends, fatalities and causation factors; reporting the findings with written recommendations to improve our internal safety program. We strive to ensure that our policies and procedures for safety measures are constantly updated, monitored and enforced.

We are committed to continual improvements toward an accident-free workplace through effective administration, education and training. We are recognized by the Alberta Construction Safety Association and Canadian Society of Safety Engineering and hold memberships through its organization.

We invite all personnel to co-operate and participate in achieving a safe and healthy work environment for all.